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Simply pAwesome is expanding beyond just home-made, healthy, holistic dog treats crafted in our kitchens.  We are adding selected gifts, gift baskets and accessory items that are made in the USA and often handcrafted like our treats.  These new categories will be posted to the site in the coming months so stay tuned.

Today we feature our own line of dog treats, crunch-eze health snacks for dogs™. These are available in three different varieties; all made from selected organic and all natural ingredients.

Crunch-eze Grain-enrich are our original flavors, Crunch-eze Grain & Gluten-free are our flagships flavors and Crunch-eze Meat-based are the newest variety and a fantastic training treat. 

Crunch-eze Grain-enriched and Grain & Gluten-free flavors have no wheat, corn, soy or rice so all dogs, even those with food allergies, can enjoy a healthy, nutritious snack. You can find the ingredients and guarantee analysis for each flavor in the product description.

Not sure which flavor to try- then select our variety pack.  Each variety pack has 5 different flavors.  Find out more….

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